#10482: davepoobond -> Nose

davepoobond: come on eileeenn!!

davepoobond: oooh oh johnny raze

davepoobond: and its 7 o clock the radio

davepoobond: looks like his motheerrr

davepoobond: blahdy blahdy

davepoobond: now i miss him more than ever

davepoobond: too ra loora yaaaaahhh

Nose: who?

davepoobond: who just sings like our fathersss

davepoobond: save ferris, man!

davepoobond: she’s a very kinky giirrrlll

davepoobond: she will never spirits get doowwnn

davepoobond: she likes the boys in the banndd

davepoobond: SHE’S A SUPERFREAK

davepoobond: SUPERFREAK


Nose: g2g

Nose: bye

davepoobond: k bye

davepoobond: i was bored

davepoobond: hehe

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