#10480: Nose -> davepoobond

Nose: hello

davepoobond: wow ur on

Nose: yes

davepoobond: surely is a treat

Nose: well thanks grandmaster

davepoobond: so whats up

Nose: it’s funny you should ask

Nose: because

Nose: nothing’s up

Nose: y tu

davepoobond: nothin

davepoobond: just listening to music

Nose: this new 8.0 tells me when your typing

Nose: there’s no privacy anymore

davepoobond: well

davepoobond: your on 8.0? i dont see anythin saying ur typing

Nose: how about now

davepoobond: no

Nose: right below the upper message box

Nose: your typing right now

davepoobond: nothings gonna change between your IM before

davepoobond: and now

davepoobond: try again

Nose: type some more

Nose: yes

davepoobond: sdfsdflkjweoriuoiuzxlckjvkldsjoiwueriou

Nose: still typing

Nose: good

Nose: yes

Nose: yes

Nose: yues

davepoobond: yer not on mine

Nose: yes

davepoobond: mineeee

Nose: I’m sorry

davepoobond: talkin about mineee

Nose: your not typing right now

davepoobond: no i’m not

Nose: you were when I wrote it

davepoobond: right

davepoobond: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Nose: I was wathcing tv this morning

Nose: It was like the true channel I think

Nose: and there was a movie

Nose: with Helen Hunt

Nose: from the 80’s

Nose: where

davepoobond: the True Channel? wtf is that

Nose: she was the daughter of a Canadian moosehunter and she played quarterback for a football team in Oregon

davepoobond: ok, the True Channel has my kinda programming

Nose: serious

Nose: It was intense to the max

Nose: thanx

Nose: I spelled thanx with an x in case you didn’t notice

davepoobond: yeah i know

Nose: what times the shindig tomorrow

davepoobond: 12

davepoobond: oh yeah where were you yesteday

davepoobond: yesterday

Nose: here doing homework

Nose: I came back at lunch


Nose: breath easy

Nose: so it’s at noon tomorrow

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: you are running low on toilet paper! enter to win 24 rolls NOW

Nose: I gotta go

Nose: c ya tomorrow

davepoobond: k bye

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