#10476: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: any cavities

davepoobond: yes….3254 of them

stimpyismyname: hah

stimpyismyname: thats gonna hurt

stimpyismyname: are theyvery deep

davepoobond: goes down to the roots

stimpyismyname: oh well

davepoobond: who are you doing ur ppt on

stimpyismyname: spielberg

stimpyismyname: u

davepoobond: hitchcock

stimpyismyname: what movie you gonna see

stimpyismyname: the birds?

davepoobond: yeah, we’re watching it right now

stimpyismyname: haha

davepoobond: its so boring

stimpyismyname: thats a really corny movie

davepoobond: we didn’t even get to the part where birds start killing

stimpyismyname: that parts funny

davepoobond: we only saw a sea gull attacking that bitch

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