#10475: NikkiNicole -> davepoobond

NikkiNicole: whos this?

davepoobond: dave whos this

NikkiNicole: nicole

NikkiNicole: dave who?

davepoobond: poobond

davepoobond: nicole who?

NikkiNicole: pieper

davepoobond: oh.

davepoobond: whaddya want

davepoobond: ?

NikkiNicole: i wanted to know who u were

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: did you get my sn from a web site?

NikkiNicole: i dotn think so

NikkiNicole: where u live at

davepoobond: california

NikkiNicole: haha i did

NikkiNicole: omg

NikkiNicole: i just remembereed that

davepoobond: yay

NikkiNicole: lol

davepoobond: so do you like the web site?

NikkiNicole: yea

davepoobond: cooool

NikkiNicole: its awsesome

davepoobond: what do you like most about it?

NikkiNicole: the one where he kept warning u but it did not kick u off i thibk

NikkiNicole: think*

davepoobond: oh….i have about 30 of those…

davepoobond: anyway

NikkiNicole: lol

NikkiNicole: hehe;-)

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