#10413: davepoobond -> YourMamasMom

davepoobond: Hey grandma

YourMamasMom: hey son

davepoobond: how’s the “condition” coming along?

YourMamasMom: well

YourMamasMom: um

YourMamasMom: i have aids

YourMamasMom: and i love it

davepoobond: not that one….

YourMamasMom: 😎

YourMamasMom: o

YourMamasMom: what other one

davepoobond: y’know….the one with the….::nudge nudge::

YourMamasMom: huh

YourMamasMom: o my dick

YourMamasMom: ya i know

davepoobond: yeah, its so unfortunate how it just grew one day

Previous message was not received by YourMamasMom because of error: User YourMamasMom is not available.

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