#10412: davepoobond -> DrummerG

davepoobond: yo!

DrummerG: hello

DrummerG: how may i help u?

davepoobond: well, if you gave me some money that’d help

DrummerG: lol dont we all need money?

davepoobond: if u put it that way, yes

DrummerG: ok

davepoobond: but i dont care about anybody but me when it comes to money, so give me some

DrummerG: lol gimmie got ran over by the ice cream truck

davepoobond: but the ice cream truck is for sale

DrummerG: w/e

davepoobond: so i gotta buy it with the money that you gave me

DrummerG: rright

davepoobond: which should already be at western union by now

davepoobond: am i right?

DrummerG: did u really im me just to ask me for money?

davepoobond: yeah, kinda

davepoobond: i’m at dire straights for money, and i’d rather sit here in my chair doing nothing while wasting all the electricity california has to offer and pay for every cent of it

DrummerG: ok well since im not giving u any money its kinda irrelivent for us to finish this conversation rright?

davepoobond: instead of getting a job

davepoobond: but then if we dont finish teh conversation, it’ll never end

davepoobond: and i’m sure both of us dont want that

davepoobond: hold on lemme turn the blow dryer off

davepoobond: blow driers*

davepoobond: dryers?

davepoobond: driers/dryers/Dryers (ice cream)

DrummerG: i want u to stop asking for the immpossible

davepoobond: y’mean like peace in the world, a Bush that isnt in politics

davepoobond: pretzels that are covered in mercifully sweet vanilla

davepoobond: but not chocolate, cuz i’m just racist like that

davepoobond: like the whole majority of white trash

DrummerG: well then um…. gues this further concludes our convo cuz im black!!!!

davepoobond: so what

davepoobond: u think i’m racist against people?

davepoobond: i’m racist against the type of food i eat

DrummerG: personally i dont care

davepoobond: i dont eat red apples, cuz they’re like rednecks

davepoobond: i hate rednecks though, they’re annoying

davepoobond: except when they’re making car crashes or shooting shotguns

davepoobond: then they’re just plain funny

DrummerG: we are having an unnecessery conversation u of all people should know about being annoyed with dumb ass stupid questions

DrummerG: or asking for the impossible

davepoobond: y’mean like jerry seinfeld and dennis miller teaming up to do a porno with the olsen twins?

davepoobond: inside a pair of britney spears’ pants

DrummerG: from here on out i have nothig more to say to you

davepoobond: thats good

davepoobond: i’ve got plenty to say to YOU though

davepoobond: like why people really dont care about the alligator problem in New Mexico

davepoobond: y’see, the problem lies within the grand canyon

davepoobond: the next state over

davepoobond: but that’s not the point

davepoobond: the point is, is that the colorado river

davepoobond: rather, the crocodile river

davepoobond: actually sends over crocodiles through a time-space rift

davepoobond: and the crocodiles become sick

davepoobond: and then they throw up deer carcasses and crap like that into New Mexico



davepoobond: but, i can explain that

davepoobond: they go back through the time space rift

davepoobond: and go back to Candy Land

davepoobond: wow you’ve been on for 19 hours

davepoobond: u thought i was finished

davepoobond: oh no i’m not

davepoobond: i just had to get some water

davepoobond: cuz i’m just rascist like that

davepoobond: instead of getting the pee-ish color of apple juice

davepoobond: or the pure white of milk

davepoobond: but i’d rather have the clear…sooothing….

davepoobond: WATER

davepoobond: gtg bye!

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