The High School Monster

Narrator: Our scene is in a stinky high school in poopooville. The students are fucking with fear. Listen, as our heroine, Man With Boobs, speaks to Girl With No Hair.

Man With Boobs: The High School Monster has eaten three more pretty young poops and boiled the poop teacher.

Girl With No Hair: Don’t be afraid, doggy. I think the monster is really just a crap.

Man With Boobs: But UndieMan saw it. It has 65 arms and long poo-like hair and pee-yellow teeth.

Girl With No Hair: Hmm. That sounds like me.

Man With Boobs: When I go out I walk very fast.

Girl With No Hair: I am going to set a trap for this so-called monster. And you must be the crappy bait.

Man With Boobs: Oh no! Do I look moo? Get some other poopoo.

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