Ghost Story

Once there was a little kid who went on a poo-filled hike through a pee-filled forest in the middle of the bathroom.

At first he had fun watching the cute little bears go pooing through the trees and talking to the peas that dodged between the bushes.

Then it begun to get yellow and soon it was night and this kid whose name was SSR Guy realized he was lost and he got very frightened.

His boobs began to chatter and he wished he were home, with his daddy and Power Ranger toys.

Suddenly he noticed that the huge trees began to look like men in tights, and they seemed to reach out their platypuses to grab him.

Then he saw a weird shape floating in the air and glowing like pee.

It made a scary noise and said, “I am the spirit of the last of the SSRs. I am lonely haunting the forest alone and I came to find some fart to help me.”

Then it went squeak and the kid said sqwaw and that was the last anyone ever heard of him.


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