#10302: stimpyismyname -> PISSER1

stimpyismyname: WCW RULES


stimpyismyname: whos your favorite wrestler

PISSER1: dont have one

stimpyismyname: oh

stimpyismyname: how about dildos

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: Howd u get this sn

stimpyismyname: the internet

PISSER1: righttttttttttt

stimpyismyname: haha….

stimpyismyname: jk

stimpyismyname: this is tom johnson

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: Oh hi

stimpyismyname: u remember me?

PISSER1: i dono no tom johnson

stimpyismyname: oh

stimpyismyname: thats what i thought

stimpyismyname: eh…

stimpyismyname: i was on the news a whlie back…

PISSER1: eh..rofl

PISSER1: rightt

stimpyismyname: i dont really want to talk about that

stimpyismyname: kinda embarrasing looking back

PISSER1: oh, u were never on the news

stimpyismyname: yeah

stimpyismyname: cnn


stimpyismyname: excuse me/

PISSER1: whatever

stimpyismyname: ok

PISSER1: fine

stimpyismyname: pisser?

stimpyismyname: whats that mean

PISSER1: yes?

PISSER1: it has no meaning

stimpyismyname: oh

stimpyismyname: just sounds cool

stimpyismyname: rolls off your tounge and such

PISSER1: Right, im sure it does

stimpyismyname: no i was askin you

stimpyismyname: whatever

PISSER1: lol

stimpyismyname: know whats weird/

PISSER1: wha

stimpyismyname: large cups from burger king dont fit in cupholders

stimpyismyname: butx large ones do

PISSER1: thats interesting

stimpyismyname: yep

stimpyismyname: suuuuure is

PISSER1: lol

PISSER1: indeed

PISSER1: so howd u really get my sn

stimpyismyname: have you heard Liquid Tension Experiment?

stimpyismyname: they’re cool

PISSER1: nope

stimpyismyname: yeah well

stimpyismyname: i made a couple stupid games

stimpyismyname: theyre on my site

stimpyismyname: www.geocities.com/stinkybeefisgood

stimpyismyname: yep

stimpyismyname: 😉


PISSER1: im afraid to click that

stimpyismyname: lol

stimpyismyname: ok

PISSER1: b.c my comp will freeze

stimpyismyname: its not about stinky beef or anything

PISSER1: lol i understand but still, better be safe

PISSER1: i dont want my comp to freeze

stimpyismyname: ok

stimpyismyname: havin fun ON LINE


stimpyismyname: YEA

stimpyismyname: my god

PISSER1: what?

stimpyismyname: this is boring

stimpyismyname: lol

PISSER1: shit i know

stimpyismyname: what are you doin

stimpyismyname: just aim?

PISSER1: well im on aol too, but i cant im ppl with that b.c i have a virus

stimpyismyname: lol

PISSER1: lol shut up

stimpyismyname: u cant restart or anything/

PISSER1: well if i do restart, im still going to have the virus!

stimpyismyname: aaah

stimpyismyname: well that sux


stimpyismyname: does it only affect aol?

PISSER1: i miss aol

PISSER1: yea

PISSER1: thats why im on aim

stimpyismyname: heh


stimpyismyname: watchin land before time 7

stimpyismyname: lol

stimpyismyname: my friend has the tv on


stimpyismyname: its so freakin gay

PISSER1: and ur friend is watching that?

stimpyismyname: yeah

stimpyismyname: hes an idiot

PISSER1: thats the one with the dinosaurs?

stimpyismyname: yeah

PISSER1: I watched the first one that came out. thats bout it.

stimpyismyname: yeah

stimpyismyname: i think i saw one

stimpyismyname: i dont really remember what happened

PISSER1: me either

PISSER1: brb…ice cream time.

stimpyismyname: yeah

stimpyismyname: im gonna get somethin

PISSER1: backk

stimpyismyname: ok

stimpyismyname: hi

PISSER1: hey

stimpyismyname: so…

stimpyismyname: hows the ice cream

PISSER1: goood

stimpyismyname: nice

PISSER1: whats going on

stimpyismyname: nuthin

stimpyismyname: whyd u get warned

PISSER1: some boy warned me

PISSER1: dono

PISSER1: i got him back

stimpyismyname: ok

PISSER1: hows the movie goin

stimpyismyname: i dont know whats happening

PISSER1: lol

stimpyismyname: theyre goin to some rock

PISSER1: haha kool

stimpyismyname: boy

stimpyismyname: this is gret

PISSER1: boy


PISSER1: welllll….hmmmmmmm…….i finished my ice cream

stimpyismyname: took you a while

PISSER1: big cup

stimpyismyname: really big

stimpyismyname: and a small spoon

PISSER1: rofl


PISSER1: it was a regular spoo


PISSER1: spoon

stimpyismyname: oh

stimpyismyname: well then

PISSER1: what

stimpyismyname: i dunnnno

stimpyismyname: my bros gonna talk to u

stimpyismyname: cuz i g2g go

stimpyismyname: bye

PISSER1: byee

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