#10301: davepoobond -> Malerie2003

davepoobond: hey

Malerie2003: hey

davepoobond: whats your rating

Malerie2003: ummm wut

Malerie2003: i have no ratine

Malerie2003: rating

davepoobond: GET WITH IT MAN

Malerie2003: i jsut got in the room

Malerie2003: chill lol

Malerie2003: and im a chic thank u

Malerie2003: lol

Malerie2003: wuts ur rating??

davepoobond: 56

davepoobond: ::fart::

davepoobond: excuse me::

Malerie2003: lmao

Malerie2003: mmmmkay

Malerie2003: that was sick

davepoobond: yeah it was ::squirt::

Malerie2003: so ummm is 56 good

Malerie2003: or wut

davepoobond: yeah, especially when its out of 10

Malerie2003: yea mmmkay

Malerie2003: so lets see ur pic then

davepoobond: <^>

davepoobond: I GAVE YOU THE FINGER


Malerie2003: ummmm mmmkay

Malerie2003: i would say that u received a -56

Malerie2003: below 1

Malerie2003: 0

Malerie2003: cuz u suck

Malerie2003: haha

davepoobond: -56 is below 0?

davepoobond: wow……

davepoobond: that’s…………….

Malerie2003: yess it is

davepoobond: almost……….unbelieve

Malerie2003: duhh

davepoobond: able

Malerie2003: wut grade r u in

Malerie2003: 2nd

davepoobond: uhh 1st…

Malerie2003: ooook

Malerie2003: wutever

Malerie2003: u act it

Malerie2003: loser!

davepoobond: my mom said i can play on the computer for 10 minutes

davepoobond: so I downloaded aim, and got this screen name

davepoobond: hello

davepoobond: malerie

Malerie2003: wut

davepoobond: are you there

Malerie2003: umm yes

Malerie2003: i was ignoring u

davepoobond: helllooo? i cant see what yer saying, cuz i have you on ignore

Malerie2003: mmmkay

davepoobond: oh i saw that

davepoobond: how’d you do that

Malerie2003: got me

Malerie2003: i dont know

davepoobond: :'(

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