Joke #18670

A screenwriter comes home to a burned down house.

His sobbing wife is standing outside. “What happened, honey?” the man asks.

“Oh, John, it was terrible,” she weeps. “I was cooking when the phone rang. It was your agent. Because I was on the phone, I didn’t notice the stove had caught on fire. It went up in seconds. Everything is gone. I nearly didn’t make it out of the house. Poor Fluffy is gone……..”

“Wait! Back up a minute,” the man says. “My agent called?”


Joke #12847

“I just got a role in a movie,” an actor said to his agent.  “I play a hen-pecked husband married to a woman who lives with her mother and four teenaged daughters.”

“That’s nice,” said the agent.  “But too bad it’s not a speaking part.”