Anti-Barney the Dinosaur Song #22116

Sung to Row Row Row Your Boat.

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down a stream,

Throw a barney overboard and listen to him scream,

Five days later chewin on his underwear,

Wish he had another pair,

Five days later eaten by a polar bear

And that’s how Barney died.


Anti-Barney the Dinosaur Song #22111

This seems more like a rap song than a parody song of the Barney theme song.

On top of Old Smokey all covered in blood,
I shot fucking Barney with a 94 stud.

I went to his funeral,
I went to his grave.

When the people threw flowers,
I chucked a grenade .

And 20 years later he came from the dead,
I got a bazooka and blew off his head.

I’d like to continue, its funny I know,
but I can’t continue, cause I gotta go to the little menz room.


Anti-Barney the Dinosaur Song #22104

I hate you

You hate me

I will kill your whole family

With a big fucking gun pointing at your teeth

Making you piss while your miserbly in your knees

While you beg for your ass not to be split

No god-damn purple dinosaur will be left to sing.