Hate Mail #22173

In response to http://squackle.com/22014/screwed-up-chronicles/knights-of-mayhem-tv-show-review/

Someone had shared the post with their friend “Ron” and he had sent this back as a response to me…

From: Ron

Subject: Re: [Shared Post] Knights of Mayhem (TV Show) Review

I’m willing to bet that the guy that wrote this is a un-muscled, non-competative type that has never risked anything other than his opinion, his verbal diaria, or his know-it-all attitude all his life. So men who climb mountains, run rapids, play footbal for free, jump horses, ride in Rodio’s must all be
losers in this guys book. Guess we must  add hockey players to the mix. Some men love challenge. If I was still the man I used to be, I’d jump at the chance to do this, just to be able to sit at a table with the kind of men that have the kind of balls to try and do it. That’s whats clearly missing
in the man that wrote the critique. Ron


Hate Mail #22127

At some point in time I had received an e-mail from “Mr. Right” which contained:

Hey man good site except i dont appreciate jokes that are not only gross but also prove that your morals are worse than michale jacksons. i dare u to go find what joke im talking about, email me back if you and your teddy bear have time

In response, I sent:

I’m glad you like my site, but I don’t give a shit which joke is gross or not.  If you don’t like reading the jokes, don’t read them.  Go to another section of the site.  Why don’t you go cry to your mommy about how Mr. davepoobond has poor morals compared to your high-standing morals that are monumentous in comparison to mine.

Mr. Teddums and I have morals, but only when it comes to something actually important.  Just because I post a joke that I think is funny, it isn’t to  make any judgement on the morals that I have.

E-mail me back if you and your right hand have enough to time to stop jacking off to your real estate agent.

Hope you keep going to Squackle!



Hate Mail #21938

This form was submitted:  Mar 23 2004 / 08:51:55

name = jesus
email = cheesehead182004
hatemail = the chance of anyone liking that poopy nasty dirty trash compactor story is either the person si stoned or completely strung out of E. That fuking story is sooo bad that if it was printed out it wouldn’t be good enough to wipe my pooopy ass!!!!!