#5942: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad: <—–i eat poop

davepoobond: thats crazy

davepoobond: why would you do that

blowthetoad: i don’t know

davepoobond: does it taste good?

blowthetoad: flowers smell nasty

blowthetoad: and yes, it does

blowthetoad: would you like to by it from www.ebay.com?

davepoobond: no

blowthetoad: i am too overstalked

blowthetoad: yes you will

davepoobond: i..will?

blowthetoad: yup yup yup

blowthetoad: stop teasing me you bastard

blowthetoad: i eat shit

blowthetoad: stop it!

davepoobond: blah

blowthetoad: blee blee

blowthetoad: bo hoe soto!

blowthetoad: i am gonna eat your butthole

davepoobond: no

blowthetoad: YES!

davepoobond: i’ll smack you if you come near my ass!

blowthetoad: I’ll blow a pump up your dick and i will suck on your ass

davepoobond: i dont see how you can do that

blowthetoad: i am gonna tell Dave Bond and he will kick your ass, you stupid FAG!

davepoobond: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…..k

blowthetoad: Dave is my homeboy and he will kill you!

davepoobond: all right

blowthetoad: matter of fact, i will make your dick purple and i will put a sign on your back that says purple penis eater!

davepoobond: yeah!? well, yo’ momma’s so fat, she could be rowled down a bowling alley!

blowthetoad: Yo mama;s so stupid she trips over a cordless phone!

davepoobond: !

blowthetoad: your dick is so small you use a condom to have safer sex!

davepoobond: !

davepoobond: …..

davepoobond: that doesnt make sense

blowthetoad: Yes it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blowthetoad: Dave is going to kill you!

davepoobond: no

blowthetoad: yes

davepoobond: no

blowthetoad: stop saying that potty mouth and go suck dick

blowthetoad: yes

blowthetoad: yes

blowthetoad: yes

blowthetoad: yes

blowthetoad: yes

davepoobond: your name is “Mrs. YesIAm”

blowthetoad: …………

blowthetoad: 🙁

blowthetoad: Jesus doesnt love you!

davepoobond: i knew that when he made me live

blowthetoad: my mom thinks your a dirtbag!

davepoobond: k

blowthetoad: i love you

blowthetoad: lets stop

blowthetoad: now

davepoobond: no

blowthetoad: yes

davepoobond: you dont love me

davepoobond: its all fake

blowthetoad: i know

davepoobond: its a damn lie and you know it!

blowthetoad: i dont love you

davepoobond: good

davepoobond: die

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