#5941: blowthetoad -> davepoobond

blowthetoad: \/\/ :: makes ‘W’ with hands ::

davepoobond: ok

blowthetoad: |_ :: makes “L” with index and thumb ::

davepoobond: /\/\

blowthetoad: i know i am stpud, i wish i were mature, don’t u?

davepoobond: yeah, sure.

blowthetoad: tell me your secret

davepoobond: well.

davepoobond: no.

davepoobond: it wouldnt be a secret then.

davepoobond: hence it is “my secret”

blowthetoad: a period…. your so punctual

blowthetoad: ok…. tell me how u be mature

davepoobond: i dont.

blowthetoad: well… u use big words

blowthetoad: should i do that?

davepoobond: in real life i go around saying poop all the time and annoying the shit-ka-doodles out of people

blowthetoad: lol

blowthetoad: or is that just to your friends?

davepoobond: no….usually to people i dont know, or people that i hate

blowthetoad: or people on the streets

blowthetoad: ?

davepoobond: at school

blowthetoad: heh, i did that

davepoobond: ok

blowthetoad: has your mom ever been to Squackle?

davepoobond: 1 time

blowthetoad: did she like it?

davepoobond: doubt it.

blowthetoad: can she breakdance?

davepoobond: hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa no.

blowthetoad: aw well

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