#5940: blowthetoad -> TheMuIIetMaMa

blowthetoad: i can flush a toilit!

blowthetoad: so there

TheMuIIetMaMa: oh yeah

TheMuIIetMaMa: i can flush a urinal

blowthetoad: yeah!

TheMuIIetMaMa: yeah

blowthetoad: i can run upide down while saying poop

TheMuIIetMaMa: i can run around the block naked singing when the ants go marching

blowthetoad: well i can ride a unicycle naked upside down, naked, inside out, with 1000 marbles in my mouth, and singing the national anthem!

blowthetoad: so there!

blowthetoad: haha, poop ate your tounge!

TheMuIIetMaMa: well

blowthetoad: well is my name, don’t ware it too much, it’ll get dirty!

TheMuIIetMaMa: i can ride a space ship to mars and do the macarana while i break out singing the theme song to facts of life while i eat some bbq chicken

TheMuIIetMaMa: hey whats your name?

blowthetoad: for the love of letter 7, i can swallow a 20000000 pound brick, walk on my pinkys, jump to the moon, turn out the lights, and go to bed, 11 times without stop!

blowthetoad: beet that u crazy mo-fo!

TheMuIIetMaMa: lol

blowthetoad: i said beat it! just beat it!

TheMuIIetMaMa: no one wants to beat it

TheMuIIetMaMa: lol


TheMuIIetMaMa: no one was to be defeated

TheMuIIetMaMa: just beat it

TheMuIIetMaMa: i really dont think i can beat that one either

blowthetoad: thats my line (*NOTE: blowthetoad – I meant the ‘just beat it part’ this note was not included in actual conversation)

TheMuIIetMaMa: yeah?


blowthetoad: BEAT IT

blowthetoad: O BEAT IT

blowthetoad: O BEAT IT

TheMuIIetMaMa: so why did you im me?

blowthetoad: ME I.M. YOU?

TheMuIIetMaMa: you got that right

blowthetoad: hahaha i am a smart person! i use hoocked on phonics! u use hooked on pot!

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