#5939: blowthetoad -> Sparrrow

blowthetoad: your a hinkle pinkle sloonie poonie!!!

blowthetoad: dummie hunnie

Sparrrow: u betcha

blowthetoad: stop IMing me

Sparrrow: huh?

blowthetoad: you are bothering me very much

blowthetoad: i will report you

Sparrrow: I dont im you

blowthetoad: to the authoroties

Sparrrow: sorry

blowthetoad: why must you do this?

Sparrrow: authorities of my ass maybe

blowthetoad: authorites bet on yo ass, cuz i am gonna mow the grass, very fast, atlast. wow! i can ryme!, look at the time, did you get those clothes for a dime? aaaaw, can’t afoard a lime? i’ll buy you a wind chime

blowthetoad: you piece of slime!

Sparrrow: you should learn to talk like a mime

blowthetoad: mime? i might as well say the word cime!

Sparrrow: the fuck?

blowthetoad: yes

Sparrrow: u are annoying tonite it looks,


Sparrrow: u got 66% warning

blowthetoad: no crap sherlock

Sparrrow: why?

blowthetoad: because they waste my time

Sparrrow: so what is your purpose of being??

blowthetoad: i just gave a ryme,

blowthetoad: whats your purpose on earth?

Sparrrow: to reproduce

blowthetoad: mine is to unproduce

Sparrrow: do you do drugs?

blowthetoad: no

blowthetoad: that is bad

Sparrrow: drugs are good

blowthetoad: fell through a crack and landed in a pot. then people said, HEY THERES THE REAL DOPE!

Sparrrow: stoners live and

stoners die but

in the end we

all get high

So if at first

you don’t succeed

fuck it all and

smoke some weed.

blowthetoad: YOUR GAY

Sparrrow: nope, Im straight

Sparrrow: who was doin the rhyming first bro?

blowthetoad: ME

Sparrrow: so why am I gay now?

blowthetoad: so shew you annoying flee!

Sparrrow: http://i.am/grundy (*NOTE: blowthetoad: THIS ISN’T A GOOD SITE, IT IS STUPID)

blowthetoad: nice bad website, please no advertizements. thank you

Sparrrow: its spose to be bad

Sparrrow: its spose to just be what the fuck

Sparrrow: no point

blowthetoad: please, keep this clean

blowthetoad: this is public 😉

Sparrrow: say what?

blowthetoad: heh

blowthetoad: check it out later

Sparrrow: check what out later?

blowthetoad: you’ll be actualy be able to sell yourself on the net! (for free)

blowthetoad: haha! your going on my site

blowthetoad: this was planned out

blowthetoad: niener niener niener. you aint got to wiener!

Sparrrow: say wha?

blowthetoad: you heard me foo’!

Sparrrow: where are you from?

blowthetoad: www.noneofyourbuisness.com

blowthetoad: so www.zipit.org

Sparrrow: where is your website?

blowthetoad: not up yet, meanwhile you can lick a salmon.

Sparrrow: this is all great bro!

blowthetoad: yuppers

blowthetoad: well, i have to go bother some other helpless user, later

Sparrrow: cool, take it easy

blowthetoad: bye poo-head

Sparrrow: daeh-oop eyb

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