#5936: davepoobond -> Kaz

davepoobond: hiiii

Kaz: Hello mr Moron

davepoobond: boo!

davepoobond: moron with two rs

davepoobond: to u

davepoobond: mister

Kaz: Boo? ECUUSE ME?

davepoobond: ::Fart::

davepoobond: notice the capital


davepoobond: boy that was a stinky one

davepoobond: geez

davepoobond: what the hell

davepoobond: gawd!

davepoobond: help me!

davepoobond: i’m choking!

Kaz: Oh mr big shot with two rrs and capital farts…

Kaz: Hah

Kaz: Ive delt with your kind

davepoobond: ::takes out lysol:: i dont care about my grandkids, it stinks now

Kaz: Your the kind who stops by just for free nachos..

Kaz: But SOMEONE has to pay for them!!!!!!

davepoobond: buenas nachos!

davepoobond: ffffffffffffffffooooooooooood~

Kaz: is good

davepoobond: like toods



davepoobond: noooo!

davepoobond: ::FarT::

davepoobond: ouch!

Kaz: No you cant have two capitals!

Kaz: Thats against the rules!

davepoobond: i can have two fuckin capitals if i want them

Kaz: You… you…


davepoobond: oh nooo

davepoobond: please, not that

Kaz: Fine if you get two capitals I get two ToO

davepoobond: NOOOOOO

Kaz: MuahaHahahaaa

davepoobond: only morrons can have them!

Kaz: NoooOOOooooOOOoooOOO

Kaz: (0_0_0)

Kaz: heh heh siamese twins

davepoobond: oh on

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: -_-_-_-_-

davepoobond: 4 people attatched to each other

Kaz: Ouch that must be hard to walk with all them legs…

davepoobond: they only have 2

Kaz: Whoops gtg

davepoobond: shoee!

davepoobond: ok bye

Kaz: Bye bye

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