#5879: Caca Master -> Ryu

Caca Master: Hey, Marco.

Ryu: Yo

Caca Master: Hey. I’m RPin’ Psychic Force 2012. It’s fuuunn.

Ryu: Coo’.

Ryu: Which char?

Caca Master: Heh. Richard Wong.

Caca Master: You know me a backroomguys. I always kick at’em.

Caca Master: By that, I mean big cheese characters. -.-

Caca Master: You’re always good at the main characters.

Caca Master: Bet ya’d wanna RP Burn.

Ryu: Burn I still remember from the first game.

Caca Master: Heh. I like Keith better.

Caca Master: Setsuna-“I am not your Puppet, WONG!!”

Richard-“Yes.. You’re right. A puppet without strings is a puppet no more.. it is nothing but a useless piece of wood.”


Caca Master: Heh.

Kyo-“::Walks in.:: Yagami!.. ::Blink.::”

Setsuna and Wong-“::Blink, blink.::”

Kyo-“::Sweatdrop.:: Oops. Wrong Game. Sorry. ::Walks out.::”


Caca Master: Iori-“Hmph. . ::Slams Sub-Zero’s knee into his own face.:: —I should’ve taken a right at Killer Instinct.”

Ryu: Heh.

Caca Master: Terry-“::Balls his fist.:: Geeeeessseee!! —::Realizes he’s in “Duck Hunter” for NES.:: —?”

Ryu: ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

Caca Master: Geese-“Hmph. Bogard.. ::Gets shot.:: Oof!!!”

Ryu: LMAO.

Ryu: (Ryo) ::scratches his head, reading the sign on the road.:: Choco Island…

Caca Master: LOL.

Caca Master: Ryu-“::Jumps ontop of Little mushroom like peoples heads and eats a large Red topped on, growing twice his size.:: This – – can’t be right.”


Caca Master: Ken-“::Dressed in Green with a Hat that has “K” On it.:: You’re telling me!”

Ryu: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Caca Master: Yamazaki-“::In a Mary Kate and Ashley Game.. Grins.:: EEEEHHHEHEHEHEHE!!! ::Begins killing the little blondes running around.::”

Ryu: Eww.. x_x

Caca Master: e.e;

Caca Master: Bison-“::Flies down from the Sky inside a big smiley face ship and throws ba-bombs at Ryu and Ken.:: Mwuahahaha!!”

Ryu: (Ryu) ::jumps on him.::

Caca Master: Bison-“*BO BO BOOOOO!!!* ::Shrinks.::”


Caca Master: Heh.

Caca Master: Morrigan-“::In an H-Game.. Doesn’t mind.::”

Ryu: LoL.

Caca Master: Kim-“::Opens his mouth and sucks in vast amounts of air, eating apples and then pounding an over large Tree.:: ..”

Ryu: LOL.

Caca Master: King-“::Gets punched by Jin Kazama:: B–ah!”

Caca Master: Orochi-“::Has blue spikey hair and runs extremely fast.:: ?!”

Ryu: x.x

Caca Master: Rugal-“Wait up! I’ll get you! ::Is now in a Big Red suit with black shoes.::”

Caca Master: Vice-“::Flies over head with Two tails.::”

Ryu: Vice, LMAO.

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