#5878: Caca Master -> Ryu

Caca Master: Mark!

Ryu: Yea’?

Ryu: Can ya’ help me on my homework? x.x;

Ryu: Rob?

Caca Master: Sure, Mark.

Caca Master: Is it Sex Ed? ;o

Caca Master: Lmao.

Caca Master: The man sticks his whowhodilly, in the womans chacha.

Ryu: Well I need the steps of what happends when a pregnant woman takes a drug.

Ryu: and how it affects the baby.

Caca Master: LOL.

Ryu: Can ya’ help me there?

Caca Master: Alright.. “The inpregnated women.. shoots up, and da’t baby ge’s fucked up wi’t it, motha’ fucka’ haha. Aw, yea’. So, buy da’ baby a dime bag.” That, of course, is the drug dealers point of view.

Ryu: x.x;; Really, it affects my grade.

Ryu: I know it starts off the drug is inserted from the mouth.

Caca Master: ..It does?

Caca Master: Lmao.

Ryu: ….Rob, this isn’t funny

Caca Master: As if all drugs go in through the mouth. Lmao.

Caca Master: Woman-“::Swallows a Heroine needle…::”

Ryu: ….Rob.

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