UPDATE 5-21-04

Pick of May 21, 2004

davepoobond: hey. I found someone that is willing to help me out with making the whole site into php. So that means it’ll be a lot better all around, and will have user names for you to log into the site, and all that good stuff.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3850 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Stupid IMsCharger IM, Tetsuya IM 2, Evil Hell Cow IM, AddidasDragon IM, AddidasDragon IM 2, Phoenix IM 3, Phoenix IM 4, Para IM 7, Bd8Destructo5 IM

Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)Movie: Hot Wax Vol. 1, Reggie Time Episode 1, Short Film: Some Show, Movie: Boston Marathon

The Screwed Up Games – Unlimited Saga (PS2) (Rating: 3/10)

PicturesThe Godfather Rode a Yak, This Will Be U, jergkgugheispoo, Dacky Rubber Duck, Guy and Toilet, Yogurt Battle, Horse With No Name, Quitters Never Win, You Are Here

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