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#10945: davepoobond -> Zanyjace

davepoobond: want the download link for beverly hills cop

Zanyjace: sure

Zanyjace: the music?


Zanyjace: or the movie?

davepoobond: song

Zanyjace: cooool

davepoobond: y’know who this is right

Zanyjace: yeah

Zanyjace: dave

davepoobond: huzzh

davepoobond: huzzah

davepoobond: i took your name off my buddy list for whatever reason 2 years ago

Zanyjace: haha

davepoobond: then i remembered it outta nowhere

Zanyjace: haha

Zanyjace: nice

davepoobond: yeah its weird

Zanyjace: tis

davepoobond: its like 8 megs, so i’ve been downloading it for like an hour

Zanyjace: whoa

davepoobond: cause its wave

Zanyjace: i don’t know what that means

Zanyjace: haha

Zanyjace: but it’s all good g

davepoobond: .wav is a format….

davepoobond: basically its like a fat guy

davepoobond: and the mp3 is like a skinny guy

Zanyjace: ah

Zanyjace: i get it

Zanyjace: good analogy

davepoobond: the fat guy takes longer to eat

Zanyjace: hahahaha

davepoobond: and the skinny guy takes less…time to eat

davepoobond: i dont know where i get my analogies from

davepoobond: i can get some really messed up ones cooked up if you give me 10 seconds

Zanyjace: but they kick ass!

Zanyjace: hahaha

Zanyjace: cool

davepoobond: yeah i think that’s my shtick

davepoobond: the analogy guy

Zanyjace: not bad shtick though

davepoobond: “your mom is like an anteater, but she eats her own ass”

Zanyjace: hahaha

davepoobond: yessss i finished downloading it

davepoobond: the most 80s song is mineee

Zanyjace: hurray

davepoobond: did you know there aren’t any recently slaughtered cows on sale at ebay

Zanyjace: that sucks

davepoobond: yeah

Zanyjace: brb

davepoobond: i wonder what the shipping and handling on that baby would be

Zanyjace: a billion dollars

davepoobond: i seem to remember not talking to you since i was still using napster

davepoobond: that’s a long time

davepoobond: or maybe that was when i was annoying dorian

Zanyjace: haha, yeah i havn’t tlked to u in a while

davepoobond: so do you have aol 9

davepoobond: its optimizeddd

Zanyjace: nope

davepoobond: its actually pretty good

davepoobond: “best aol ever” – me

Zanyjace: coo

Zanyjace: hahaha

davepoobond: and about 1 million other aol commercials

Zanyjace: word

davepoobond: i haven’t really seen any commercials for 9.0 though

davepoobond: i guess they got tired of the “the best just got better” thing

davepoobond: “the best just got better AGAIN”

Zanyjace: again

davepoobond: and again and again…

Zanyjace: again

davepoobond: wow its 10…

davepoobond: and i’m on the computer…

davepoobond: i feel adventurous

Zanyjace: what does that mean

davepoobond: i dont know…i’m not usually on past 9:30

Zanyjace: ah

davepoobond: cause my mom bitches at me to get off

Zanyjace: i see

davepoobond: myeh. i’m waiting for my stupid sister to come back home

davepoobond: so i’m really bored.

Zanyjace: where is she

davepoobond: i dont usually talk this much. just with you. this must be really annoying huh

davepoobond: she’s doing some stupid girl shit with her stupid friend

Zanyjace: naw g

Zanyjace: how old is she

davepoobond: 14

Zanyjace: ah

davepoobond: and 6 days

Zanyjace: muahahaha

davepoobond: her stupid friend’s boyfriend asked my stupid sister’s stupid friend to homecoming

davepoobond: so they’re gonna go throw something on his lawn

davepoobond: i hope its a rotting corpse or something

Zanyjace: oh

Zanyjace: hahaha

Zanyjace: me too

davepoobond: to say that she accepts him to go to homecoming

Zanyjace: right

davepoobond: cause the guy did something or whatever to her friend

davepoobond: and she was supposed to be back at 9:30

davepoobond: wtf is this

Zanyjace: maybe she fell over

davepoobond: speak o the devil

davepoobond: she came home

Zanyjace: hurray!

davepoobond: i downloaded this weird song called money money money

davepoobond: its only 30 seconds of it though

Zanyjace: who does it

davepoobond: i dont know

davepoobond: some band from the 70s i guess

davepoobond: i heard it before

davepoobond: the intro is cool

Zanyjace: its not oink floyd’s ‘money” is it?

davepoobond: i dont know

davepoobond: the theme song for somethin

Zanyjace: does it have the noise of cahs registers in the beginning

davepoobond: the theme song for hawaii 5-0 too

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: i’m gettin the hawaii 5-0 song now

Zanyjace: ah

davepoobond: i think that was a tv show

davepoobond: about police

Zanyjace: cool

Zanyjace: twas

Zanyjace: in hawaii

davepoobond: money money money moneaaaayyy

davepoobond: what a horrible song

Zanyjace: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaeeeeeenom

davepoobond: but nothings worse than “that smell”

Zanyjace: hahaha

Zanyjace: ooo that smell

Zanyjace: can’t u smell that smell

davepoobond: its like he wrote it after he farted

davepoobond: while on the couch

Zanyjace: i think so

davepoobond: watching football

davepoobond: this is an awesome song!

davepoobond: hawaii 5-00000

Zanyjace: 5-ooooo

davepoobond: its like beach music meets my ass

Zanyjace: whoa

davepoobond: anyway, my friend, i’m gonna crash

davepoobond: bye

Zanyjace: nighty night

Zanyjace: bye

davepoobond: no one uses “crash” anymore

Zanyjace: i will try more

davepoobond: good

Zanyjace: ok

davepoobond: we’ll bring it back

Zanyjace: it’s done