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The Year Theory

What the government doesn’t want you to know.

This is my conspiracy theory. it is really one year later than we think it is (so 2003=2004, 2004=2005, etc). this is because the millenium bug completely messed up the whole world and a load of really crazy stuff happened. roads exploded, cd’s flew around like frisbees, hi-fi’s started playing really bad music which in turn drove people insane. the government decide to drug everyone in the world (except themselves of course….you dunmb ass). anyway the goverment drugged everyone through food and water supply which made everyone sleep for a whole year. during this year the government poeple fixed all the crazy crap that was happening so that we could live normally. unfortunately, everyone pooped themselves many times over as a result of being asleep for so long. (yeah, come on. admit it. you pooped yourself). that was the only explanation i could come up with for crapping in my bed a few years back. PEACE.

A (stupid) Story

As told by Ms. Signs.


I was trying to cross the dance floor to the phone, but getting through the crowd was like trying to part the Red Sea. Since I’m more of a Woody Allen than a David Robinson, I decided to give peace a chance and wait for a while. Suddenly, I saw a virtual Mel Gibson who looked lost. I decided to play the Good Samaritan and go help him out. I hoped he wouldn’t see me as the Elephant Man’s Twin sister or something. Unfortunately, these Beavis and Butthead characters started trying to talk to me and they wouldn’t go away. it was like I was Linda Hamilton in “The Terminator.” They kept staring at me as if I were dressed like Madonna. One of them was even wearing a hat like Gilligan! By the time I ditched them, the Mel Gibson character had pulled a Jimmy Hoffa.

Essay of Definition – Peace

Definition of peace is no violence and argument. Everybody would be appreciated if they had peace in their lives. But why can’t they enjoy a peaceful life? Violence and disruption between many nations and terrorists are the answer. Nations and terrorists seek power. When they seek power, they look up to weapons of mass destruction. In order to obtain peace, the world must get rid of threats and weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq was supposed to dispose and seize making weapons of mass destruction. Because of their act of continuous development of biological and nuclear weapons, the United States feared Iraq. President Bush wanted peace between every nation, but it seemed some countries like Iraq wanted to disturb many other nations’ peace. President Bush wanted to end any act of terrorism so he issued his army to assault Iraq. Surely using force may get rid of threats and weapons of mass destruction, UN (United Nation) tries to resolve this matter with negotiation. Negotiating with words is better than using force. Force just disturbs the surrounding environment. It involves lives and it takes away lives. Negotiating terminates the use of force. President’s decision of using force just to end threats is wrong. For it brings more uproar to middle east. If war should be fought, war must be fought against terrorists.