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stupid fuck

stupid fuck – n. an asshole or bitch that pisses you off every time they say something. They prove how stupid they are every time they open their mouth. They need their ass kicked every single day. They’re everywhere and they can be your co-workers, your boss, etc…

;} young people that have no respect for their elders, and they need their ass kicked DAILY

;} Stupid punks that speak before they think, AND they give their worthless opinion without you asking them for it.

Ex. Felicia, Pat, Waylon, Vince, and Laura are all stupid fucks.


Pat – n. bartender/asshole

;} a jerk that smokes dope 1-5 times a week, but he thinks he’s better than you and he puts you down for doing acid 20 years ago

;} a “computer expert” that says he can help you with making some .wav files, then you find out he’s never done it before so it takes 80 minutes to download a 2 minute .wav, meaning he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing and he should’ve kept his big mouth shut so he wouldn’t have wasted my time