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#10833: WakaWonieon Me -> davepoobond

WakaWonieon Me: Funny Pictures! (it was a link to outwar)

davepoobond: FUCK YOU

WakaWonieon Me: those r pretyt funy


WakaWonieon Me: ok

davepoobond: yeah since when does outwar show pictures

davepoobond: that are funny

WakaWonieon Me: lol

WakaWonieon Me: ur gay

davepoobond: UR GAY

davepoobond: YOU MUDDA FUCKA

davepoobond: I BET THATS A GAY SITE

Previous message was not received by WaKaWoNiEon Me because of error: User WaKaWoNiEon Me is not available.

I warn him to 53%.

#5969: dinsageofpower -> MyLeftTesticle

dinsageofpower: please go to this link

MyLeftTesticle: Why?

dinsageofpower: its outwar

MyLeftTesticle: What is it?

dinsageofpower: A SITE

dinsageofpower: JUST DO IT 4 M

dinsageofpower: ME*

MyLeftTesticle: Why?

dinsageofpower: so i get stronger

MyLeftTesticle: Stronger for what?

dinsageofpower: outwar

MyLeftTesticle: What is outwar?

dinsageofpower: a site

MyLeftTesticle: A site for what?

dinsageofpower: fun

dinsageofpower signed off at 7:49:18 PM.