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#12239: missa -> Ryan

missa: Fuck

Ryan: Fuck what?

missa: sorry

Ryan: Ok. Whatever

missa: haha ryan sorry I was making fun of this guy

Ryan: Lol ok

Ryan: Hey

missa: Hey

Ryan: What’s up

missa: retard

Ryan: What?

missa: oh f* sorry I though its my friend Ryan

Ryan: Lol. Its ok 🙂

missa: ok hey I’ll just take shower I’ll ping you when I’m out

Ryan: So what’s up? In english this time lol

Ryan: Ok. Sounds good

Ryan: I decided to take a quick shower too. Hopefully it will help me sleep

missa: PING!!!

Ryan: Wheee

Ryan: Feel better?

missa: you haven’t slept yet?

missa: yeah

Ryan: That’s good that you feel better 🙂

Ryan: Lol no =(

missa: why can’t you sleep?

Ryan: Slept late this morning

missa: ahh and your surfing the net?

Ryan: Lol ya

Ryan: Its just no fun to lie in bed alone lol

missa: lol its not insomia

Ryan: What than is it?

missa: idk but I’m sure its not insomia

Ryan: Lol. Alright miss doctor 🙂

missa: its insomia when you lay in bed with lights off for hours and you still can’t sleep lol

Ryan: That’s what I did lol

Ryan: And when I do that I get super horny 🙁

missa: ahh how old are you?

Ryan: 19. You?

missa: 22. ahh you like to masturbate?

Ryan: Lol sure

Ryan: Why?

missa: by the time you’re 40 or 50 symptoms of prostate cancer will start to manifest

Ryan: Lol.

Ryan: And than my life is full of jizz?

missa: looks like you’re a loser.. Hot guys don’t really masturbate and don’t spend the whole night surfing the net..

Ryan: Lol. Thanks

missa: no prob