#12239: missa -> Ryan

missa: Fuck

Ryan: Fuck what?

missa: sorry

Ryan: Ok. Whatever

missa: haha ryan sorry I was making fun of this guy

Ryan: Lol ok

Ryan: Hey

missa: Hey

Ryan: What’s up

missa: retard

Ryan: What?

missa: oh f* sorry I though its my friend Ryan

Ryan: Lol. Its ok 🙂

missa: ok hey I’ll just take shower I’ll ping you when I’m out

Ryan: So what’s up? In english this time lol

Ryan: Ok. Sounds good

Ryan: I decided to take a quick shower too. Hopefully it will help me sleep

missa: PING!!!

Ryan: Wheee

Ryan: Feel better?

missa: you haven’t slept yet?

missa: yeah

Ryan: That’s good that you feel better 🙂

Ryan: Lol no =(

missa: why can’t you sleep?

Ryan: Slept late this morning

missa: ahh and your surfing the net?

Ryan: Lol ya

Ryan: Its just no fun to lie in bed alone lol

missa: lol its not insomia

Ryan: What than is it?

missa: idk but I’m sure its not insomia

Ryan: Lol. Alright miss doctor 🙂

missa: its insomia when you lay in bed with lights off for hours and you still can’t sleep lol

Ryan: That’s what I did lol

Ryan: And when I do that I get super horny 🙁

missa: ahh how old are you?

Ryan: 19. You?

missa: 22. ahh you like to masturbate?

Ryan: Lol sure

Ryan: Why?

missa: by the time you’re 40 or 50 symptoms of prostate cancer will start to manifest

Ryan: Lol.

Ryan: And than my life is full of jizz?

missa: looks like you’re a loser.. Hot guys don’t really masturbate and don’t spend the whole night surfing the net..

Ryan: Lol. Thanks

missa: no prob

One thought on “#12239: missa -> Ryan”

  1. Actually all guys masturbate, missa (bitch). It’s part of growing up. :/ I’ve shared a few drunken conversations with some really hot guys who told me all about how they enjoy pleasuring themselves in times of loneliness. Sexy as hell. And if you do some research, you’ll find that all that crap about how it makes you go blind and get cancer is, well, a bunch of crap. There are no real adverse consequences of masturbating other than shame if you are caught by your parents.

    PS. only a complete loser actually uses the word “loser” to describe a random stranger he/she talked to on the internet. Especially someone older than the person they refer to as “loser.”

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