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Chat with mathewschaffer

mathewschaffer>: yo

davepoobond>: hi

mathewschaffer>: asl

davepoobond>: 79/m/florida

mathewschaffer>: you are a guy leave

mathewschaffer>: are you gay

davepoobond>: no

davepoobond>: i’m an 80 year old man

mathewschaffer>: THEN LEAVE

davepoobond>: respect your god damn elders

davepoobond>: ::whacks you with my cane::

mathewschaffer>: you are to fucken old

davepoobond>: yes, i know

davepoobond>: what am i supposed to do?

mathewschaffer>: jack of to your mom

mathewschaffer>: or to you dog

davepoobond>: they dont allow us to have dogs

davepoobond>: at the retirement home

davepoobond>: and my mom is dead

davepoobond>: she’s probably worm poop by now

mathewschaffer>: you like dick cheeze

davepoobond>: yes

davepoobond>: he remakes songs

mathewschaffer>: i can break into your files now leave

davepoobond>: ok bye