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#11026: stimpyismyname -> davepoobond

stimpyismyname: gangster tic tac toe

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: are you gonna make it

stimpyismyname: probably not

davepoobond: you should make a lot of the simple games and make them gangster

davepoobond: that’d be funny

davepoobond: put them into a gangster arcade

stimpyismyname: you do it

davepoobond: why the fuck would you say that

stimpyismyname: YOU do it

stimpyismyname: YOOOOOU

davepoobond: i don’t know how to program in game maker

stimpyismyname: so…

stimpyismyname: learn

stimpyismyname: i did

davepoobond: and

davepoobond: you’re

davepoobond: stupid

stimpyismyname: and

stimpyismyname: fuck

stimpyismyname: you

davepoobond: that’s

davepoobond: harsh

stimpyismyname: you like cock

davepoobond: your mom does

stimpyismyname: your mom likes yours

stimpyismyname: thats why she wants to keep you close

davepoobond: your mom likes that you like your mom likes yours

stimpyismyname: you think that makes sense but it doesnt

davepoobond: it does

davepoobond: it means she likes that you like her liking yours

stimpyismyname: not the way you said it

davepoobond: read it closer

stimpyismyname: YOU read it closer

davepoobond: i did

davepoobond: i wrote the damn thing

stimpyismyname: your mom likes that you like that she likes yours

stimpyismyname: that would make sense

stimpyismyname: i GUESS

stimpyismyname: ..fag

davepoobond: i’m the fag? you’re the one who likes it when your mom likes that you like her suckin on your pencil dick

stimpyismyname: oooh my names dave and i said mark has a pencil dick

stimpyismyname: im soo funny

davepoobond: oooh my name’s mark and i dont have a comeback so i’m just going to act like i’m mocking dave and denounce it as not funny

stimpyismyname: im dave and im gonna say more stupid shit to make it look like the other shit isaid was DAVES GAY

davepoobond: i’m mark and i’m not original so i’m going to keep doing the same thing again but this time doing it to the thing dave did mocking me mocking him

stimpyismyname: stimpyismyname: daves being stupid

hypermachodude: haha

hypermachodude: what a fag

davepoobond: who the fuck is that

stimpyismyname: your mother

stimpyismyname: 😉

stimpyismyname: wink wink


stimpyismyname: look im asian

davepoobond: who the hell is that macho dude guy

stimpyismyname: wouldnt youuuu like to know

davepoobond: kind of

stimpyismyname: oooooooh

davepoobond: i dont think he even knows me

stimpyismyname: im sure he doe

stimpyismyname: s