Adman’s Hangover

woow, I am hung over because i drank a bottle of wine last night

fub fub fub fub




I sound like that crab from that show, Futurama

I’m not having fun being hung over. nooo

I have a headache

and another

and another

and heres one i just found

My mouth is dry, my pee is green, my eyes are soar, my peener is hardly funcioning, I woke up before I knew something about a railroad, and I’m ummmmm, unhappy

That dream was coool

I was some little boy, and my father was sending me away on a kayak


After the shooting, or it was at a school or somthing and i got a few meters off the shore and soemthing happened and i got upgraded to some really nice train but i pushed it, and it was horse driven and the track split up ahead. I hit my cat, but she was ok, but it wasnt my cat. It was something else. I dont know what cuz i woke up damn phone. Dreams are soo cool, I wish I could finish a dream once in a while I wonder what it would look like.

Would there be credits??