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#10505: alexnorbts -> davepoobond

alexnorbts: sup poo bond

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: whos this again

alexnorbts: u goin to lunch tomorow

alexnorbts: its cobby

davepoobond: oh yeah thats right…

davepoobond: cobby

alexnorbts: so u goin

davepoobond: yes…

alexnorbts: why

davepoobond: urmm..

davepoobond: because

davepoobond: its good to eat lunch

alexnorbts: right

alexnorbts: yea at 845 too

davepoobond: are you scared of that guham?

davepoobond: y’know, the one that likes to ubjub

davepoobond: and has an odius

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: what the fuck

davepoobond: yeah i told you off

davepoobond: what i said was “are you scared of that fat guy that keeps staring at you?”

davepoobond: “y’know, the one that likes to shove umbrellas up every hole in your body and open them”

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: thats fucked up

alexnorbts: freak

davepoobond: “and has a hate for fat cows with huge tits”

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: damn