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#10957: Daek -> davepoobond

Daek: u fatass!

davepoobond: what

Daek: u fat shit eating sonofawhore!

davepoobond: ohhh its you my good friend

Daek: no it isn’t jackass

davepoobond: my name’s not jack

davepoobond: wouldn’t it be just “daveass”

davepoobond: hahahaha i crack myself up

davepoobond: but yes when you take it out of context it is funny

Daek: ….

davepoobond: jackass in itself is actually a not very insulting term

davepoobond: y’see, jackass just means donkey

davepoobond: and we all know that donkeys are smart

davepoobond: and if they weren’t enslaved by the human race then they would
be the dominant race on earth

davepoobond: but enough about me, what about you

davepoobond: how have you been doing

Daek: nigga fuck u

Daek: crazy ass crackhead

Daek: thats all i can say

Daek signed off at 5:14 PM