The Many Ways to Say Boobs

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A – Areolas, (anything that is round), A-Cups

B – Boobs, Boobies, Breasts, Bosom, Bust, Balloons, Bags, B-Cups, Bangers, Bouncers, Baloombas, Bazongas, Bewbs

C – Cans, Chesticles, Chest, Cleavage, Chachas, Cheechees, Chestnuts, C-Cups, Casabas, Creampies, Cupcakes

D – Double D’s, D-Cups


F – Funbags, Flat-chest

G – Globes, Girls, Girl nuts

H – Hooters, Honkers, Headlights, Hoohahs


J – Jugs, Jubblies, Juicy Fruit, Jumblies

K – Knockers

L – Lady balls, Lady nuts, Ladies, Lady lumps, Lumps

M – Mammary glands, Melons, Milkbags, Milk Factories, Mounds, Mountains, Meatballs, Mangos

N – Nips, Nipples

O – Orbs

P – Pins, Puppies


R – Rack

S – Spheres, Squirters, Set

T – Tits, Tittays, Titties, Teat, Ta-tas, Twins, Teeters, Tweeters, Teets, Tom-Toms

U – Udder







Quote #23910

My self-summary

“I like to fuck guys”

I’m really good at

“Sex! What else?”

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

“Pornos, Enchiladas, I’m not a reader :(”

The six things I could never do without

“Sex, Lingere, Food, Men, Living, Breasts”

On a typical Friday night I am

“Watching pornos and eating chinese food. Also shopping w my girlfriends.”

– from a girl’s dating profile


Joke #18498

Business must follow numerous rules and regulations laid down by government agencies. So maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised by the memo from the county Department of Health Services.

“The month of August has been designated as Breast-Feeding Awareness Month,” it read. “It is a good time for employers to review their policies relative to breast-feeding employees.”


Unspoken Words

Things You Will Never Hear A Woman Say:

1. I’ll sacrifice my career goals and dreams to stay home and cook for you.

2. Biologically my body is built to serve you and nothing else.

3. Oral sex is my favorite hobby.

4. During my bad week, I’ll get you a hooker.

5. Does this make my butt look too small?

6. PMS is just a myth.

7. That guy has great breasts.


Things You Will Never Hear A Man Say:

1. I’ll sacrifice my career goals and dreams to stay home and cook for you.

2. Sure she has a great body, but how’s her personality?

3. Beer leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

4. When Bambi’s mother was shot I cried.

5. Forget the game, Oprah’s on!

6. It’s your decision.

7. I care.