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#5906: Aikouka -> Serori

Note: This isn’t really funny by itself. Its just a bunch of sex stuff. So if you’re not interested, don’t read.

She (Serori) didn’t know Aikouka was a girl In Real Life…-

Aikouka: ::his hand shakes a little and slide down holding her thiegh up to him , his mind racing asAikouka: his hand caresses her lower lower back::

Serori: ::Pulls away from the kiss slowly looking into his eyes , her body shakeing, she whispers

Serori: very gently giveing his hip a good squeez:: I love you. . .

Aikouka: ::his face is really red and eyes glistening , he whispers back purrrring soft as he does::

Aikouka: i love you too ::his tail caresses her leg::

Aikouka: ::slieghtly breathing hard from the exitment::

Serori: ::Shuts her eyes a bit hopeing shes not makeing him un-comfortable . ..remembering what he

Serori: said yesterday about takeing things slow. . .doesnt know what to do, just knows shes excited::

Aikouka: ::halts that though and kisses her again with alot more passion his arm sqeezes her and his

Aikouka: other pulls her closer tugging at her leg gently::

Aikouka: thought*

Serori: ::Kisses him back and her ahnd squeezes around his hip a bit tighter. it runs up his side

Serori: and arund to his chest, tugs at his shirt alittle, and her tail rubs at his belly some more:

Serori: hand*

Aikouka: ::falling comletly into the moment , his hand searches and reaches up the back of her shirt

Aikouka: rubbung her bare back and he slides his hand a little farther up her leg still with a firm

Aikouka: grip::

Aikouka: rubbing*

Serori: ::Is wearing what usagi was wearing in the pic her mun sent, minus the red jacket, so her

Serori: black skirt is sort of bunched and pulled up a little, and she puts her leg up over his,

Serori: wrapping it around him again, breaks the kiss and moves her lips to his neck, kissing and

Serori: biteing softly::

Aikouka: ::his eyes till closed he tilts his head away from her opening more neck to her , his and on

Aikouka: her leg shakes another time hoping hes not going to far pushes her rear to him pressing her

Aikouka: to his body , his other hand still massages her back deeper into the muscle::

Serori: ::Lets out a soft whimper/moan. licks a small trail up his neck with her toung, up to his

Serori: ear and she nibbles it, not knowing really where this is going. . .but likes it, and is very

Serori: interested in finding out. Pushes herself up to his body firmer as close as she can and rubs

Serori: his belly more, firmer and slowler::

Aikouka: ::his purr slows to a long deep vibration , doesnt know quite what hes doing but he moves

Aikouka: his hand under and to her inner thiegh and rubs there gently , while his other hand wanders

Aikouka: up higher rubbung her opposite shoulder firmly also raising her short shirt some::

Aikouka: rubbing*

Serori: ::Lets out another soft whimper/moan, not sure what to do at this point. . .not sure how far

Serori: she is aloud to go, or he wants to go. . .doesnt want to make him feel uncomfortable so lets

Serori: him take any steps up he wants to. . .kissing his neck still, moveing down a bit to his

Serori: shoulder , archeing her back inward a bit pressing their chests together::

Aikouka: ::whimpers a little at what hes about to do, his hand slips onto her panties rubbung ever so

Aikouka: lightly and feels fir a reation as his hand moves back down her back massaging her spine::

Aikouka: for*

Aikouka: his other hand*

Aikouka: rubbing*

Serori: ::Whimpers lightly and squirms closer to him like she wants more, rubbing his chest and his

Serori: belly, still to shy to do much more than that, moves her lips to his and kisses them softly

Serori: pressing them together, than slideing her toung in his mouth again, rubbing it aginst his

Serori: softly, unable to not notice how sweet he tastes::

Aikouka: ::meets her kisses with a lot of feeling his tounge shifts around and under hers , while his

Aikouka: hand massages his a little harder through her panties moving his middle finger farther then

Aikouka: the others , his other hand mover to head neck holding her close to him;;

Aikouka: moves*

Serori: ::Rolls over on top of him, strattled over him again layin on top, with the movement her

Serori: skirt was pulled all the way up, decideing its useless now she slides it off her legs and

Serori: kicks it to the foot of the couch, sits up alittle looking down to him, breathing heavily,

Serori: now just in panties and her tight short white tank top, her tail flicks around some more::

Aikouka: ::opens his eyes thier now comletly blue and go very deep also breathing hard::

Aikouka: ::sits up and kisses her neck down to her shest reching down and continues rubbing her but

Aikouka: this time he slides his hand down her panties to do so his tail reaches around and holds her

Aikouka: leg::

Aikouka: chest*

Serori: ::Wraps her legs tightly around him kissing his neck sloppily and breathing hard on it::

Serori: ::Reaches down to the bottom of his shirt and lifts it over his head::

Serori: ::Runs her hands down his bare chest and stomach, whimpering lightly , starts to kiss his

Serori: shoulders::

Aikouka: ::whimpers at the news hes just gotten from his mun and desides to finish her only this

Aikouka: time::

Aikouka: ( 20 mins left ::pout:: till work )

Aikouka: ::he pushes his hand into her only sqeezing in with his middle finger::

Aikouka: ::kisses her shoulders softly as well:;

Aikouka: shoulder*

Aikouka: ::slides his head up to her cheek and nuzzles her lovingly:: ::he gets a urge and slips his

Aikouka: middle finger into her and waits for a reaction::

Serori: ::Shuts her eyes tight and rests her forehead on his shoulder moaning lightly and arching

Serori: her back , squeezing at his sides alittle::

Aikouka: ::sees she like this and softly sucks on her neck while pushing into her with his finger and

Aikouka: sliding it around and about while rubbing her chest with his other hand::::

Serori: ::Titls her head backwards alittle moaning more, overwhelmed with all of this wishing he

Serori: didnt have to go soon . .doesnt know what she’ll do then::

Aikouka: ::reaches under her small shirt and start sqeezing her nipple slieghtly and still sucking

Aikouka: her neck , he speeds his hand up pushing into her hard , also wishing he didnt…::

Serori: ::Bites down on her lip very hard debates weither or not just stripping him and takeing him

Serori: now in the short time they have left. . .feels hes uncomfortable already though, so she just

Serori: lets him do to her as he pleases. . .::

Aikouka: ::starts to push his index finger in as well as hes running out of time he uses his other

Aikouka: hand to rubband sqeeze one of her breats gently stroking her nipple stil and nibbles on her

Aikouka: neck gently::

Serori: ::Runs her handdown his chest to his stomach rubbing it firmly, puts her other hand on the

Serori: arm that has the fingers inside of her, rubing it hard encourageing the motions::

Aikouka: ::slides both fingers into her the speeds up again pushing hard as he licks up her neck to

Aikouka: her chin and kisses her softly::

Serori: ::Kisses him back, the moans vibrateing on to his lips a bit, her eyes are shut tight and

Serori: her whole body is shakeing, the musles inside of her clentch down on his fingers giveing

Serori: them a good squeez, grones thinking about how he has to go soon . . .is not finished with

Serori: him yet::

Aikouka: ::feels his fingers get a squeeze and holds his hand there for a sec then slides them out

Aikouka: ::but still rubs her there gently:: wow

Serori: ::Pants alittle resting her chin on his shoulder resting there, leaning up aginst him,

Serori: whispers softly:: I love you . . .

Aikouka: ::licks her ears softly and whispers back:: and i love you.. ::he then falls dead alseep

Aikouka: like hes been drugged by his mun:: (( sorry gotto go ~.~ gunnu be late hehe ))

Serori: ((Kay ^.^))

Aikouka: (( ill be on again around 12 ..its 1:30 here so if you do the math i bid you adue ))