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This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Quote-Off

This string of quotes are related to each other because davepoobond and elmoisfurry went into a “quote-off” against each other, writing down all the things they said/did for a class period during Health class with Mrs. Stickums.  It was a really shitty class and there wasn’t much else to do.

This is the second part of the “Quote-off” where elmoisfurry was writing down the things davepoobond was doing.


::shakes head::



it’s a…


::yawns for 10 seconds then laughs for no reason!::

“uh heh heh…heh heh heh!”

::waves pencil, then clicks it::

“looks like wavis”

::picks binder::

“it’s not a quote, it’s just a…it’s just an action”