We got a new email system for my school and some idiot IT guy sent a mass mail to everyone, leaving the “cluster name” in the To: field so that everyone can reply to it. And people started replying to it. And it goes to everyone.


From: Goo, Simon [mailto:sgoo]
Sent: Wed 8/30/2006 3:46 PM
Subject: test10


Simon Goo
CSU Fullerton
Information Technology


Fri 9/8/2006 6:53 PM

From bs:

What is test 10?

your mail is not clear to me

Bha. Su


Fri 9/8/2006 8:31 PM

From cobian:

Why are you responding to email to “Simon Goo” at my email address? This is not Simon Goo’s email. Please make note.

-Alison Cobian


Fri 9/8/2006 9:12 PM

From fv312:

I apologize for any inconvenience but I do not know who any of these contacts are. I would appreciate it if I could stop receiving mail from the contacts listed above. Thank you and again I apologize for any inconvenience.


Fri 9/8/2006 11:08 PM

From ashleypark:

I apologize for any inconvenience but I do not know who any of these contacts are. I would appreciate it if I could stop receiving mail from the contacts listed above. Thank you and again I apologize for any inconvenience.


Fri 9/8/2006 11:16 PM

From BeatriceNistor:

Please Stop adding the “DL-Stuexchcluster1” its why we’re all getting the mail


Fri 9/8/2006 11:22 PM

From cmonge:

I also do not understand why I am receiving emails. Therefore please delete my email address from contacts. I do not know anyone of the contacts. Thank you


Fri 9/8/2006 11:38 PM

From dannyphan03:

It’s pretty obvious that they’re testing the new email system. Simon Goo is the IT guy….so chill out people and stop sending these email to everyone…it’s getting pretty annoying. Thank you all


Fri 9/8/2006 11:48 PM

From lv3tj:

Um.. i dont know any of u.. but.. i hope that this email thing.. stops soon!


Sat 9/9/2006 12:04 AM

From EFeldman:

This is the funniest thing ever.


Sat 9/9/2006 12:35 AM

From madenchina:

my god people… its clear that none of us know each other… if your lonely this is not the way to make friends… for god sakes this thing will stop when we stop responding to each other… oviously this has no importance of any kind so who gives a crap about what this is or what its for just dont respond to it! i hope that the message is clear enough: DONT PUSH THE DAM RETURN KEY!!!! if u c it leave it DEL this letter and DO NOT write a return message to this and it will stop!!!


Sat 9/9/2006 1:18 AM

From echoi:

hqahahahahaha…imma add to the problem.. lol


Sat 9/9/2006 1:19 AM

From echoi, again:

lol….just adding to the problem…lol…stress freaks

Sat 9/9/2006 10:41 AM

From evphan:

me too i want to add to the problem 😉


Sat 9/9/2006 11:18 AM

From anthonyha:

just using this opportunity to let you all know that i’m dead sexy


Sat 9/9/2006 12:10 PM

From c_raquel_a:

The Simon Goo Test 10 was a system test of all email through CSUF. No response or request to be removed from the contact list is necessaary, ie.. if you are deleted it means no more email from anyone.

Sat 9/9/2006 1:53 PM

From cindyguerrero:

Please stop sending e mail to my adress, I don’t know any of these people I am not Simon Goo


Sat 9/9/2006 1:58 PM

From Ammar S. Amirkhizi :

Dear Simon,

This is turning into something like hotmail or yahoo e-mail accounts and I’m sure many of us don’t like to monitor our e-mails for spam.

It seems that some students do not have the ability to recognise that this is a student e-mail account and it is not to be used for spamming.

Please take the necessary actions for them to behave in an educated manner.



Sat 9/9/2006 2:11 PM

From jeschultz21:

Perhaps this is a mistake, but just to let you know that I am receiving this e-mail from you and I don’t know why.


Sat 9/9/2006 2:22 PM

From spimentel23:

i’m receiving this as well.

Sat 9/9/2006 2:34 PM

From lneumann:

do i know you people and what is test10?

Sat 9/9/2006 2:37 PM

From be188207:

i dont know what is going on, i never sent mail to any of these addresses so in the future disreguard any messages from this user. Thanks

Sat 9/9/2006 2:52 PM

From gonzales:

I don’t know any of you & i keep getting these emails about test10. PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME!! CHECK THE SPELLING OF THE EMAIL ADDRESSES YOU ARE SENDING TO!

Sat 9/9/2006 2:55 PM

From jamiebarber:

why do i keep getting a million Test10 emails. Annoying!!


Sat 9/9/2006 2:59 PM

From Lea Bagtas:

It seems to be that “Test10” is just what it states, a test. It may or may not be a spam. Nonetheless, if you wish to reply to email TEST10 or anything related to it, please make sure that you are using the “reply”, or “reply to sender” button instead of the “reply to all”.

This way, no one is getting redundant emails or blanket emails. I have received over 5 emails, all of which had nothing to do with me. I’m sure this is as much as an inconvenience to me as it is to others.

Thank you for your consideration.


Sat 9/9/2006 3:04 PM

From lmkidwell892:

this is all going to my email as well. anybody know how to stop it because its kinda gettin annoying!!


Sat 9/9/2006 3:11 PM

From kendiewendie:


Sat 9/9/2006 3:18 PM

From gcon:

Can you please take me off of your mailing list! Test 10??? :/ Who are you guys? and why am i receiving mail from you??


Sat 9/9/2006 3:21 PM

From Peter Martinez:

Yes, the main e-mail address list got leaked… somehow it started w/ IT sending out an e-mail to the “clusters” which probably means every student e-mail account.

Think of it as a huge myspace bulletin … yes, kind of annoying…




Sat 9/9/2006 3:23 PM

From EJB1188:

I think this will spam to everyone..I’m testing it out!


Sat 9/9/2006 3:58 PM

From chris.nguyen:

wth? I have recieved over 35! 35! of these emails…please stop sending!


Soon after, the e-mails stopped coming. And then all of a sudden they were all deleted from my inbox.

In conclusion, it would have gone on for eternity, since there’s like 32,000 people at my school. Idiots.

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