Joke #8983

A guy goes into a clothing store to buy a new suit, but he doesn’t want to spend too much money. The tailor shows him a really nice suit for $400, but the guy says it’s too much. He shows him another suit for $200, and the guy says it’s still too much. After showing him several others, he finally shows him one for $10.

“That’s more like it!”, the guy says, and he goes to try it on. He comes back and looks in the mirror and one sleeve is about two inches shorter than the other.

“No problem,” says the tailor, “Just hunch up your right shoulder.”

So the guy hunches his right shoulder way up, and the sleeves look OK, but the lapels are crooked.

“No problem,” says the tailor, “Just stick out your left arm and cock it like a bird’s wing.”

So the guy sticks out his left arm and the lapels look OK. But then he notices that one pant leg is shorter than the other.

“Well, just keep that leg stiff,” says the tailor, “and no one will notice.”

“I’ll take it!”, the guy says.

So the guy leaves the tailor shop wearing the suit, walking with his left leg stiffened, one arm stuck out like a bird’s wing, and one shoulder hunched way up.

As he’s walking down the street he passes two orthopedic surgeons. One of the doctors says to the other, “I have never seen anyone in such bad shape in my twenty-five years of practice!”

“Me neither,” the other doctor says. “Nice suit, though.”

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