#8897: Luxxy23 -> John170

I found this.

Luxxy23: hello

Luxxy23: i was just viewing your stupid ims page…incredibly witty i must say

Luxxy23: incredible

Luxxy23: even the phrase “stupid ims”…where did you ever come up with that one?

Luxxy23: youre like some sort of wordsmith

Luxxy23: anyway, i was disappointed that of all of my ‘stupid ims’ ive ever had, that one was chosen for a website

Auto response from John170: Sorry

Luxxy23:, I’m not interested in speaking right now. 🙂

Luxxy23: thats ok.. ill do the talking

Luxxy23: nice aviator glasses, by the way

Luxxy23: very fashionable

Luxxy23: you look like a homosexual from the 80’s

Luxxy23: anywho.. im not reporting you to aol, so dont get your panties in a bunch, nancy. goodbye

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