#8891: Sax5thAve101 -> John170

I found this.

Sax5thAve101: your not a good person why are you here?

Sax5thAve101: perhaps find your subjects in another room

Sax5thAve101: <read your page

John170: So you’re a good person? 🙂

Sax5thAve101: my attraction towards your name was only to say what I did

Sax5thAve101: you may look eleswhere

John170: You’re a flippin’ idiot

John170: You OWN a room? Good golly. You need to take your meds hon.

Sax5thAve101: your rudeness will not bother me

John170: You’re the one who started with the rudeness, you’re funny 🙂

Sax5thAve101: have a nice evening.. I did not you happen to hurt someone
I know with your humor

John170: Oh get a life

Sax5thAve101: said try eleswhere


Sax5thAve101: your gone tyvm your cooperation is grateful

John170: Live and let live I always say. Tell your fat friend I’m sorry to
offend 🙂

Sax5thAve101: my dear shes right here tell here yourself

Sax5thAve101: perhaps not I apologize

John170: LOL, ok

Sax5thAve101: no need for you to cause her more harm

John170: Yes, tell her to stay inside for it’s a cruel world. Hand her a
tissue for me too, thanks!

Sax5thAve101: enjoy your life such as it is

John170: You bet, will do. You too!

Sax5thAve101: thank you

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