#8889: Ly2000 -> John170

I found this.

L*****y2000: hi there awfully quiet

John170: Yes, well, I’m meditating and practicing yoga. Hello, hi.

L*****y2000: hey youeven left the room sorry did i disturb you ?

John170: No, not at all, I’m fine. How are you?

L*****y2000: okay thank you, where are you located if i may ask ??? i am in southbridge i am 33 years old

John170: I am in Framingham here.

John170: Framingham by the Sea

L*****y2000: is your kitty mle or female

L*****y2000: it is a cutie lol

John170: Twit’s a boy kitty

L*****y2000: thats too cute

John170: He RULES. He says hello by the way.

L*****y2000: my kitty is black and her name nunnie

L*****y2000: she is the bitch of the house lol wacko cat lol

John170: Sweeet! How old is Nunnie?

L*****y2000: 8 months

John170: That’s a cute age, meow

L*****y2000: lol you are precious lol

John170: Oh sssssssssstop!

L*****y2000: i am serious a man that adores cats is my type of sweetheart

John170: I grew up always having a cat. I love those little guys.

L*****y2000: me tooo how old if i may ask ??

L*****y2000: 38 ?

John170: I am 31

L*****y2000: sorry lol 31

John170: Yes

John170: Yessssssss!

L*****y2000: the facial hair makes you older lookin

L*****y2000: do you go out offen ?

John170: That was one of those long weekends

L*****y2000: understandable lol

John170: Long weekends without shaving that is.

L*****y2000: i need a long weekend two days together wold be perfect lol

John170: Sounds like you work in either the food or retail business

L*****y2000: bingo fast food bk

John170: That’s a tough racket

L*****y2000: love the atmoosphere the huslle the busel, wicked people person love to talk am to friendly at times lol

John170: I was in the supermarket business for years. I was NO people person. 🙂

L*****y2000: lol have to have a few screws loose to do this type of work lol

L*****y2000: meet alot of intresting people though lol

John170: You got to man, in order to survive.

L*****y2000: it a all man world where i am it is tough but it fight back to keep my opion known lol

John170: It’s not an all man world. My dad married a woman.

L*****y2000: in the company i work for its a mans world i mean silly

John170: Well, maybe you can start a Burger Queen

L*****y2000: lol no thanks rather masterbate in public lol

John170: Yes, well, that could have been an option I suppose.

L*****y2000: lol

L*****y2000: so why ar youi tonight /// no dtes mn gf ????

John170: I’m not allowed near women, part of the conditions of my parole

L*****y2000: excuse me ?

John170: You burped?

L*****y2000: perole never stopped anyone from going out lol

John170: I know, but this goofy electronic ankle bracelet thing is a real drag.

L*****y2000: you crack me up

John170: Oh I do not

L*****y2000: you do silly shit you are

John170: You flatterer you

L*****y2000:: so john how long are you atteched for ?

John170: My sentence goes on for another few years man!

L*****y2000: are we talking straght shit here ??

John170: No, but man, imagine if it was?

L*****y2000: shall i say this to you ……. shithead fuck off, that wasnt nice of me sorry 🙂

John170: I’d have to say “fries are up” and give you two middle fingers.

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