#8887: Foxyla7716 -> John170

I found this.

What did I doooo?  I was just sitting here with my away message on, which says   “My new friend %N is reading my profile!   %N loves me!  (The ‘%n’ substitutes the message with the viewer’s name)   Suddenly, I get attacked.  Here’s how it went …

Foxyla7716:    u wish
John170:    I sooo do
Foxyla7716:    ha
Foxyla7716:    bye

**Here is when I looked at her webpage…  http://hometown.aol.com/foxyla7716/    It’s viewing pretty much determined the course of the rest of the conversation …

John170:    Note: Oil of Olay, works wonders 🙂
Foxyla7716:    comment,,,,go get some and use it
John170:    I don’t have a shrunken apple head 🙂
Foxyla7716:    your so full of it
Foxyla7716:    like i said,,,,you wish !
Foxyla7716:    bye by
John170:    No, really, it’s ok.
John170:    Bye grammy, write soon

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