The Ugly Bunch Episode 1

(theme song)

Here’s a story

Of an ugly lady

Too bad this ho

Did not know

That her daughters were ugly

Here’s a story

Of a smelly man

Who you can’t stay

10 seconds with

or else you would suffocate and die

I wouldn’t wanna be his kids

Then One day this ugly lady met this smelly fellow

And they knew it was much more than a hunch

that this group of ugly people

would make a great ugly bunch

so they got married the next day

and thank God for that

now no one, has to marry those 2 ugly people now



That’s the way we became the ugly bunch



Oh did we mention we had an ugly maid also?

(end of theme song, and the camera has a full face shot of Barfsha)

Barfsha: I’m sooo pretty

(Barfsha is brushing her hair)

Blan: Barfsha, how come you got all the good looks in the family?

Barfsha: because I got all the pretty genes

(Barfsha has a crooked nose, a warped lip, and more “beauty moles” than her actual skin)

Barfsha: I’m so yummy

Just Plain: hi, I’m underage

(Just Plain drinks beer)

Just Plain: its sooo good.

(Mom and Dad are having sex on the ceiling but crash through the roof onto the couch)

Dad: damn, did it again!

Made: Now I have to clean it up…

Too: ha, stupid maid

Very: shut up. Go eat my boogers

Too: only if unbelievably comes too

Unbelievable: suck it!

Made: ok!

(Made and Unbelievably go upstairs)

(a man comes out of a closet and launches a rocket at the camera)

(technical difficulties)


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