Pornography PSA

I found this.

A living room with a kid sitting on the couch watching TV


Parents Enter the room Mother: “Honey, We are going to be going out now, well be at dinner and a movie”


Child: “Ok mommy I love you, bye Daddy”


Mother: “ We have our cell phones in case of an emergency”


Very interested in watching the TV – Child: “Ok mommy”


Father: “And son, don’t stay up zoning out on the TV”


Child: “OK Dad, goodbye”


Fades to black and then fades to a clock


Door opens – Mother: : “Honey we are home”


Father: “Son are you still up?”


Son is asleep on the couch with the remote in his hand, the TV is dim


Mother: “Good he is asleep”


Father, picks up the remote hits info, and it shows the name of a pornographic film. (Not the movie or any scene of it ( keeping the PG motif))


Father: “O dear honey, look at this”


Mother: “My gosh”


Father, angrily: “Wake up son, wake up now we need to talk”


Child – Waking up groggly: “Huh? What is it?”


Father: “ We need to talk about something son”


Child: “What is it?”


Father – points to TV: “What is this?”


Child: “Um uh I can explain… It is uh this uh”


Father ( interupting): “Save it son, I cant believe you left the TV while you were sleeping, don’t you care about the energy crisis we aer going through? WE have to CONSERVE!”


Child: “Ok daddy, I’ll conserve” with a sly grin



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