Forever Flower

(an old woman is in a field of roses)

(she’s rolling around in the roses, and you can hear her getting scratched up by the thorns. She gets up and starts taking some thorns out of her body)


Old Woman: oh, hello. Welcome to my garden! You may say “wait a minute, how does she have a field of flowers in her backyard?!” Well, I’ll tell you now, that ANYONE can have a field of flowers in their backyard with…


(Old Woman flattens her palm out in front of her and a “ding” sounds as a box that has “Forever Flower” on it appears)


Old Woman: With Forever Flower, you can have a flowery backyard forever! The way you do it is, you take a handful of Forever Flower, shove it in your mouth…


(Old Woman takes a handful of pebble-stuff out of the box and tips her head back, eating it)


Old Woman: ….plant your seeds, and when you digest Forever Flower, poo it out onto your seeds and there you have it! Flowers forever!


Legal guy (talking really fast): Constipation may occur, Forever Flower makes no guarantees on the long-lastingness of your flowers or your life much longer after you eat your first boxful of Forever Flower


(Old Woman smiles, and you can see some of her teeth missing from eating Forever Flower pebbles blah page filler)


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