Jeoparty Episode 1

Trabek: blah blah blah, Sean Connery, pick.

Sean Connery: Animal Sounds for 100

Trabek: This is the sound a doggy makes.

Sean Connery: Moo

Trabek: No

Sean Connery: Well thats the sound your mother made last night

Trabek: OK, thats not necessary.

Burt Reynolds: Who is uh, Scooby-Doo.

Trabek: No

Burt Reynolds: That was a funny dog Scooby-Doo, he drove around in a van and solved mysteries.

Trabek: That is incorrect

Burt Reynolds: No thats correct. I remember, he had a pal Scrappy Doo.

Trabek: No

French Stewart: Who is John Caffey and the Beaver Brown Band thank you very much I’ll take animal sounds for 800.

Trabek: No! Good Lord! We would have excepted Bow-Wow, or Ruff.

Sean Connery: Ohhh Ruff, just how your mother likes it eh Trabek?

Trabek: C’mon that is way out of line-

(The “We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties” screen comes up, and goes on with the next show)


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