Ghostwroter Episode 1

(theme song)

Jump: Hellooooo!


Everyone else: Hello hello hello!


Ghostwroter (flies through the air): Whoosh!


Hop: Now its time


Skip: To say hello,


Gallop: Hi,


Run: Ollah!


Walk: Moo!


Jump: We’re a bunch of losers, with no families,


Hop: That’s why we have the gift, of talking to a big green glob that flies!


Skip: As well as poos-


Gallop: And pees!


Run: Peas not peeeeees!


(Everyone starts punching each other, a big title appearing over their heads. They stop and jump, screaming)


Everyone: GHOSTWROTER!!!


(Ghostwroter flies across the screen revealing the episode’s name)


Don’t Go To Austrailia!


Jump: Hey, guys


Everyone else: Hi, Jump!


Ghostwroter (flies through the air) spells out: Helloooo!


Jump: I’m sorry guys, I have to move to Austrailia with my parents…


Skip (patting Jump on the back): Its ok, Jump. I understand…can I have your money?


Hop: Wait a minute! *I* want his money!


Gallop: What are you guys talking about? We’re all piss broke, and he doesn’t even have parents!! (points at Jump, accusingly)


Jump (looking around): Um um um um um um um…


Gallop: We live in the same cardboard box, together!


Jump: That’s it! You die NOW!!


(Jump jumps after Gallop, but he gallops away)


Jump: I hate my name, I always have to jump wherever I go because of it


Ghostwroter spells out: Its ok, Jump. Write me a message!


Jump: Ok…


(Jump writes “You SUCK” on the floor)


Jump: THERE! Ya HAPPY?! I don’t see why we have a green glob instead of a FUCKING HOUSE!


Skip: He’s cute, that’s why


(Jump blinks a few times)


Jump: He doesn’t have a fuckin’ face!!!


Run: So?


Walk: I still love him!


(Walk hugs Ghostwroter)


Everyone except Jump: Awwww!!


Jump (smacks his head): How’d I get stuck with you losers, anyhow?


Run: Remember? Our parents were all seperated at birth and then when they had us they all said “we don’t like children” so they dumped us in a cardboard box in New York with Ghostwroter. Plus, we got these nifty pens!


(Run waves the pen he has in the air)


Jump (looking at his own pen): ………………………………………………………………oh yeah………..


Run: I’m hungry, what do we have in our pickle jar?


Gallop: Well, we have a parrot’s head, a calculator and a street sign


Run: I’ll take the street sign


(Gallop gives him the street sign and Run starts eating it)


Walk: Ok, we have to find a way to find out whether we’re girls or boys


Jump: I know I’m a boy


Ghostwroter spells out: I’m a glob


Walk: I’m a girl


Gallop: I’m a boy


Run: I’m a boy


Skip: I’m a girl


Hop: I’m a bisexual transvestite


(everyone looks at Hop)


Hop (looking from side to side): What? oh…I’m a girl……yeah, that’s it


Jump: Ok


Gallop: So, how about them Dodgers?


Walk: We live in New York


Run: So?


Walk: They’re in LA………




Ghostwroter spells out: Hahahahahahahahahaha



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