Court Room Files Episode 2


This is a script for a really boring court movie

Scene 1

Courtroom. There is a judge (Sally), a prosecutor (Bob) a defendant (Billy), and a jury (12 people)

Sally: Order, ORDER!!

Guard: All rise…for the pledge of allegiance!

Bob: Why are you laughing?!

Guard: ….

Billy: Answer his question!

Guard: ….

Jury #1: OBJECTION, YOUR HONOR!! The defendant is clearly badgering the witness!

Sally: You’re not supposed to do that! Jury members don’t make objections!

Jury #1: I do what I want. ::Jumps out of the jury box and runs out of the courtroom::

Sally: Okay…so now we need another jury member.

Guard: Ooh, ooh! Me! MEEE!!!

Bob: Oh, so now you want to talk, huh?

Billy: Yeah, now, huh?

Bob: Shut up! I was talking! Have you no manners? ::starts crying::

Billy: Sorry…

Guard: So can I be a jury member or what?

Sally: Well, you sure can’t be a guard…

Guard: I’ll take that as a “yes!” ::dives into the jury box:: Hoo-Wah!!

Sally: Can we get on with this case? Is the prosecutor still crying?

Billy: I think I really hurt his feelings

Sally: Court will recess until tomorrow.

Billy: But I was gonna WIN!!!

Jury #2: I hate these court movies, they’re so boring.

Billy: Movie…?

Sally: Don’t worry about it…you wouldn’t understand

(fade out)

Scene 2


Sally: Order! ORDER!! Okay, start the argument things.

Bob: I am here to prove that Billy’s client is guilty.

Billy: An I am paid to say that he isn’t

Sally: And where are your clients?

Bob: Umm…they couldn’t make it

Billy: They had reservations at Rocky Cola

Sally: Okay…well, I am a bit hungry myself, maybe I’ll go too. Court will recess until tomorrow

Guard: It’s tough work being on this jury. HAHAHA!!! Get it?!

Jury #3: Do you have to sit next to me?

Guard: HAHAHAHA-yes.

(fade out)

Scene 3


Sally: This case is ending today!

Bob: That’s the spirit!

Billy: I guess…

Sally: Okay, prosecutor, present your evidence and stuff.

Bob: I don’t WANT to! ::runs out of the court room::

Sally: Fine. Jury, have you made a decision?

Jury #12: Yes. We feel the defendant is- ::Jury #12 spontaneously combusts::

Billy: Gasp! How do we know who won?!

Jury #11: The defendant is- ::he spontaneously combusts::

Sally: How strange… ::All jury members spontaneously combust:: I guess we’ll just have to wait for a sequel…


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