uhh…Sport…No…Weather…No…Ah who cares Episode 4

Dude with Top stories

Jack with half of half of half of half X 10 to the 32ed power

Sweaty with being kicked off the show for last nights incident

They all walk in

Sweaty: Hi Jack….Hi (giggles) Dude

Dude pulls out a gun


Dude fires 6 rounds into Sweaty’s head

Jack looks down and starts crying

Dude: Wussy

Jack: No i have somethin in my eye

Dude: Let me see

Jack looks up showing he has a Canadian African American Japaneseian Wasp in his eyes

Dude: DUDE thats sick

Jack pulls the thing off his eye and throws it in Sweaty’s mouth

Dude: Well i think we should actully do some news

Jack: Ok

Dude: With top stories…(glances at paper)I slept with Sweaty last….HEY JACK

Jack starts laughing

Dude: err

Dude: Well with other news Jack’s mother in really a Panda made out a pure Canadian dog crap

Jack: HEY

Dude:ok ok lets make a truce

Jack: errr what ever

Dude: Well theres nothing elese except that Clock Tower 2 has been released and man it sucks…but no worry…number 1 one is a lot better

Jack: All this new sucks lets get to the super bowl

Dude picks up the super bowl tape and tears it apart


Jack gets really red and explodes higher than the empire state building then an air plane hits him

Dude: What you have just seened is a replay of what happened eairlier today…we will no show you what happened inside the plane

Pilot: Hey wheres all the flight attendents

Flight Attendent: Yes what do you need

Pilot: I wanna pinch your butt

Flight Attendent: WHAT

Just then the pilot wasnt watching where he was going and then sundenly they ran into what they thought was a giant piece of duck crap but was really just Jack’s head

Dude: Thus ends this story…next time I will have 2 new peoples for this show since both Jack and Sweaty are dead…until next time this is the 6 o’ clock news….Dude signing off

News Music starts to play

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