uhh…Sport…No…Weather…No…Ah who cares Episode 2

Jack with Sports

Lucky with weather

Dude with inside bathroom information

Dude: Hello and we are back…todays top stories…people can lay really big turds

Lucky: Whoa…what do they look like

Dude: Well the ones in here are all long and mushy

Lucky: COOL, let me come in

Dude: i cant open the door, you have the key dont you

Lucky: Well yes, but i locked you in from the outside…and thats impossible so come on out

Dude: DUDE im out…and i can breathe


Dude: Dude the super bowl was over last week

Jack: but i taped it

Dude: How many times have you watched that thing

Jack: uhh………………..24

Dude: (wipes his head)

Lucky: Hey the weathers great

Dude and Jack: OK THATS IT

Lucky: what

Dude: lets put an end to him

Jack: OK

Dude and Jack: (they kill Lucky)

Dude: Now who will we get for replacement

Jack: I know…one of my friends but he doesnt know anything about weather…infact he hasnt even been to highschool

Dude: Perfect

Jack: here he is, his name is MeladramaticOutaInsaneStandByMySide

MeladramaticOutaInsaneStandByMySide: uhh gotta tissue

Dude: Les call him somethin elese

Jack: Well My friends and thine call him Sweaty

Sweaty: Yeah see (he raises his armpit)

Dude:thats just sick

Jack: I gotta idea…instead of this being news…lets jus make it ShortNews cause the creater of this is to lazy to make to long

Dude: alright


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