Tyson and Friends Episode 1

Announcer: What happens when you put a bunch of boxers into a house to live with each other? You get…TYSON AND FRIENDS!!!


(Tyson, Oscar, and Evander are sitting on a couch watching TV)

(Tyson is flipping through the channels with the remote)


Oscar: Man, they ain’t no good thing on!


Evander: no, its they ain’t nothing good on!


Oscar (yelling in Evander’s face): I say how I want!


Evander (yelling in Oscar’s face): No! It’s, I say how I want to!


Oscar: I NO CARE!




(Evander shoves Oscar out of his face)


Ruben “Hurricane” Carter (yelling from the back): Would you shut the hell up before I beat you down wit my cane?!?


Oscar (standing up and yelling toward the back): You cannot beat me wit silly cane, old man!


Tyson: Sit yo’ ass down!


(Tyson tugs on Oscars shirt till he sits down)

(there’s a knock at the door)


Tyson (yelling at the door): Who is it?


Oscar: YA! WHO IT BE?


Betsy: It’s Betsy!




Oscar: Yes! Go away, we no want sugar today!


Evander: …and I dont wanna see your tight tiger skin pants on your flabby legs!


Betsy: Oh, comonnn….I have meat clips on today!


(all of them make weird faces)


Tyson, Oscar and Evander: EWWW!!


Tyson (whispering to Oscar and Evander): I know a way to get rid of her!


(Tyson takes out an old Arabian lamp from the couch)


Tyson (holding the lamp high up to the light): SEE???


Oscar: What it do?


Tyson (dissapointed): You are supposed to squint because the lamp is so shiny!


Evander: Its not shiny…its dirty!


(Tyson punches Evander on the arm)


Tyson: NO…it ain’t


Ruben “Hurricane” Carter: I want some milk!


(Oscar stands up and yells toward Ruben’s room)


Oscar: I no want give milk!


(Tyson rubs the lamp and a thing comes out of it)


Evander (looking up at the cloud of smoke taking a shape): Is that…Mohammed Ali???


Mohammed Ali: What do you want master?


Tyson: I want you to get rid of Betsy…


(Betsy knocks on the door again)


Tyson: …and give old Ruben some milk.


Oscar: I solve problem!


(Oscar opens the door and lets Betsy in)


Betsy: I knew you’d come around!


Oscar: I no want milk! Give Ruben milk!


(Betsy runs to Ruben’s door and opens and closes it)


Ruben: HUH??? Betsy! How did you get in here??


(kissing sounds come from Ruben’s bedroom)




Tyson (looking at the bedroom door): well…I guess that’s ok…


(Tyson looks up at Mohammed)


Tyson: You can go into the lamp now…


Mohammed: …ok…


(Mohammed disappears into the lamp)

(Tyson picks up the remote control and starts flipping through the channels again)


Tyson: Well, there’s nothing on…


Evander: Yeah, I guess so…


Oscar: Let make prank phone call!


Tyson: Hey, that’s a good idea!


Oscar (tapping his head with one finger): I know I be smart


(Evander yawns)


Evander: Its a little late…let’s do it tomorrow…


Tyson: Yeah, I guess it is pretty late…


(everybody goes to their bedrooms and go to sleep)


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